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About me

About me

This is about me page. In this page you will read few information about me.

About me Barlet HamzaiWith Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from American College of Thessaloniki “ANATOLIA”, I have been in IT industry for over 6 years.
I’ve gained extensive experience in all aspects of software engineering, including software design, systems architecture, application programming and QA testing.
Currently I’m a working as a Freelancer and have worked on several software development projects for my clients.
By using latest technologies from Microsoft and other vendors I build both Windows and Web applications.
Recently I have developed several mobile applications for iOS and Android.

I’m always focused on building robust software systems to meet my customer’s needs. One of my major strengths is that I work very hard and continually look for ways to provide the highest quality products and services while reducing the time and costs to complete the project. I am self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment. I’m looking for an opportunity to work for a growing company where I can contribute my hands-on experience and grow my career with the company.
I have created this blog to share some tips and tutorials about the technologies that I use. Mainly in this blog you will find tutorials for Microsoft SQL Server and Embarcadero Delphi.

My detailed and updated resume is in the link below
Barlet Hamzai Resume



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