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Rad Studio XE7 (Delphi and C++)

Rad Studio XE7 (Delphi and C++)

The complete solution to build connected apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Gadgets and Wearables

Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE7 is the complete software development solution for rapidly building native applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android from a single codebase. Modernize existing Windows applications and create highly connected apps for gadgets and wearables. Deliver high performance, compiled native applications that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services, devices, sensors, and gadgets.

Rad Studio XE7

  • Create fast native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile from one codebase
  • Build 64-bit Windows applications and parallelize existing code
  • Bind any control to other objects or datasets with LiveBindings
  • Get universal enterprise database connectivity with FireDAC
  • Modernize Windows applications with new components and styles
  • Extend Windows apps with mobile and wearable companion apps
  • Access cloud based BaaS and REST services
  • Easily deploy stateless, restful, scalable, and secure turnkey middleware to mobilize Enterprise apps
  • Get a fast start and fast results

What’s new in RAD Studio XE7

RAD Studio XE7 is a must-have upgrade for all developers and is the newest version of the award winning, multi-device app development solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, gadgets, and wearables. There are great Windows and VCL features, a new Parallel Programming Library, significant FireMonkey enhancements for building multi-device apps, new Enterprise Mobility Services, and enhancements for connecting with gadgets and wearables, thanks to the new Bluetooth support.

What can you do with RAD Studio XE7

RAD_icons1 Develop connected apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and gadgets and wearables using the tools and language you know and trust (Object Pascal or Standard C++), and keep building Windows applications using the updated VCL library.
RAD_icons2 Develop connected apps with AppTethering, Bluetooth, and REST calls to devices and gadgets.
RAD_icons3 Get FireDAC high performance enterprise database connectivity and make database app development fun again.
RAD_icons4 Connect with popular cloud services with REST as well as BaaS providers for push notifications, authentication, storage and more!
RAD_icons5 Bind any UI control to other objects or datasets. With LiveBindings, every component is data aware.
RAD_icons6 Develop multi-tier, enterprise applications with DataSnap SDK or easily create server packages and client app modules for the new, turnkey Enterprise Mobility Services

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