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Searching all tables in sql server

Searching all tables in sql server Imagine a case where you want to see on which table there is a value or string of  ‘Barlet’ and you have 50+ tables on your database. Searching all tables in sql server one by one will be a huge pain and a waste of time. In this article you will see how to search all tables in …

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Stored Procedure vs Functions

Stored Procedure vs Functions In this article I am going to show you the differences between a Function and a Stored Procedure in sql server. They are both stored in the database server. First let me show you how you can create user defined function and a stored procedure. I am going to create a simple function that will add …

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What is a Stored Procedure

What is a Stored Procedure What is a Stored Procedure? Stored procedures are a group of SQL Statement that run in a single execution plan. Stores procedures are created and saved in the database, so you can reuse it whenever you need it. They can accept input parameter and reduce the network traffic. Stored procedures are good for security and they prevent …

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